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Community-based Science Popularization Center Established in Beijing

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As a part of the series activities of the 2022 ZGC (Zhongguancun) Forum, a hutong-based science popularization center was inaugurated in Xicheng District in Beijing on August 31. The event is guided by the office of the executive committee of ZGC Forum, and it is organized by Beijing Women's Federation (BWF), Beijing Association for Science and Technology and Beijing Academy of Science and Technology.

The center is established as an effort to implement the instructions made by Chinese President Xi Jinping on the importance of sci-tech innovation and science popularization. It is also a part of a campaign launched by the All-China Womens Federation to promote women's participation in sci-tech innovation.

The hutong-based science popularization center is inaugurated in Xicheng District in Beijing.


The unveiling ceremony was hosted by Li Jing, Executive Vice-Chairperson of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, and Xu Chunni, a hostess from Beijing Radio & Television Station.

The science popularization center is a venue for leading scientists to spread science spirit and knowledge in hutongs and residential communities through story-sharing, lectures, and sci-tech experiments.

Officials unveil the plague of the hutong-based science popularization center.


Representatives from the first group of units that are named as women’s science popularization service bases receive the plagues of the bases.


In her speech, Zhang Yajun, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and President of the BWF, said the federation has worked with other government departments to roll out the Beijing Action of the campaign to promote women's participation in sci-tech innovation and establish the county's first municipal-level association of women scientists. Zhang stressed that women scientists’ participation in science popularization has demonstrated their science spirit and sense of social responsibility. She hoped that more efforts will be made to unleash the potentials of women in science and technology and women will contribute more strengths in promoting Beijing’s high-quality social and economic development.

Zhang Yajun, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and President of the BWF, addresses the unveiling ceremony.


Shen Jie, Party secretary of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, spoke highly of the positive roles played by the Beijing Women Scientists Association in the establishment of the capital city's first hutong-based science popularization center. She urged the association to pool more high-quality science popularization resources to serve the public and she hoped the science popularization center will help raise the level of community governance.

Shen Jie, Party secretary of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, gives a speech at the unveiling ceremony.


Qin Chuan, Vice-Chairperson of the Chinese Women Scientists Association, said that the hutong-based science popularization center makes sci-tech innovation more reachable by the public, and help the public understand the importance of science and technology to the creation of a better life.

Qin Chuan, Vice-Chairperson of the Chinese Women Scientists Association, delivers an address at the unveiling ceremony.


After the ceremony, some scientists gave lectures to residents at the center. Yan Xiyun, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), top Chinese expert in nano-biotechnology and a National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter, reviewed her life journey and scientific career. She talked about the responsibilities of scientists in making breakthroughs in key sci-tech research, and shared her understanding of self-reliance, self-confidence and a love for science, life and beauty.


Fu Qiaomei, a researcher from the CAS Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, introduced the functions of archaeology, bioinformatics, genetics and anthropology in the research of the origin of human beings, shared the progress and application of DNA technologies in relevant disciplines, and explained the history and development of people in East Asia. Fu is an honoree of the China Young Women Scientists Award and a winner of the National March 8th Red-banner Holder award.


The organizer invited Dr. David G.Evans from Oxford University to give a chemistry class to teenage attendees on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony. He conducted chemical experiments, and interacted with students, opening a window for them to chemistry.


Twin sisters Chu Siyu and Chu Siqi from Beijing shared their stories of inventing a garbage sorting box on the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony.


Yan responded to the questions and concerns of female college students about sci-tech research, academic learning and life.  


Those in attendance at the unveiling ceremony included representatives from the CAS, Xicheng Women's Federation, Xicheng Association for Science and Technology, the Dashila Sub-district Office as well as local residents. There were over 1.2 million people who attended the event via video link.


Beijing Women Scientists Association has developed over 30 specific science popularization programs, which include the lecture series, scientific experiment classes and exhibitions, especially for senior and teenage residents in hutongs across the capital city to promote science and technology in residential communities.


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