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BWF Holds Conference on Party Building

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Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) held a conference on September 8 to promote Party building. The conference summed up the progress of Party building work made by BWF during the first half of this year and arranged the work in the next period.  


A conference is held by Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) on September 8 to promote Party building work.


Lyu Yi, Secretary of the Party branch of BWF's general office, and Xie Feiyan, Party chief of Beijing Municipal School of Women Cadres, presented their reports on the building of grassroots Party organizations. Lyu related her own experiences and practices to explain how to strengthen political building, discipline intra-Party life, deepen the integration between Party-building affairs and other work, and fulfill obligations as the head of a grassroots Party branch. For her part, Xie spoke about valuable experiences made by the Party branch of Beijing Municipal School of Women Cadres to promote theoretical and practical studies, nurture exemplary Party members, create a Party-building brand and enhance the competitiveness of the school.

In her speech, Zhang Yajun, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and President of the BWF, made a summary of the federation's Party-building work during the first half of this year. Under the strong leadership of the Beijing municipal Party committee, BWFs Party organizations and Party members have adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, underscored the importance of the Party's political building, strengthened the interaction between Party-building affairs and other work, and laid a solid foundation for the completion of annual targets as scheduled.

Some requirements were made at the event to complete Party building work in the rest part of this year. Firstly, BWF shall stick to the overall guidance of the Party's political building, endeavor to become a politics-oriented and model organization, attach great importance to the fulfillment of Beijing's political functions, and promote the all-round development of its work on Party building. Secondly, BWF shall better equip itself with political theories, consolidate the implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and kick off publicity campaigns on the spirit of the Partys 20th National Congress after it is held in October. Thirdly, BWF shall strengthen its organizational capacity, advance the comprehensive development of its subordinate Party branches with sufficient competence, enhance the roles of the subordinate Party branches in the implementation of the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee, the municipal Party committee and the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), and transform them into strong grassroots Party organizations.

Fourth, BWF shall strictly abide by political disciplines and regulations, fulfill political oversight and strict governance over the Party, provide strong support to the Party in the work on women. Fifth, BWF shall strengthen its institutional building, ensure the fulfillment of relevant obligations in Party building, and incorporate the overall leadership of the Party into all aspects of the work of the women's federations. At last, the conference stressed that BWF shall earnestly act on the spirit of the 13th Beijing municipal congress of the Party, enhance the quality of Party-building work, and set the stage for the convocation of the 20th National Congress of the Party.

Those in attendance of the conference included other senior officials of the BWF, Party secretaries of subordinate public institutions, and all Party members of the federation.

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