Beijing Smart Lady
Beijing is a world-renowned cultural city with rich cultural connotation. Traditional folk arts and crafts are an important part of traditional Chinese culture. Women in Beijing give full play to the intelligence and wisdom, take an active part in the production of folk handicrafts, and have created a batch of handicrafts with novel design and intense capital features.
        To promote women in capital for active participation in cultural and creative industry, further expand employment opportunities for urban and rural women, and help more women find teleworking, flexible jobs and earn an income through light hands by participating in the production of handicrafts, Beijing Women's Federation has carried out activities related to the establishment of "Smart Lady Workshop" with "Technology support increases vitality, Smart Lady acquires wealth with light hands" being the topic in recent years among women in the whole city. The activities got strong support from party committees and governments at all levels, received widespread social attention, and also received a positive response and enthusiastic participation of the broad masses of women. At present, there are 307 "Smart Lady Workshops", 30 "Smart Lady" handicrafts specialty stores, 5 Beijing Smart Lady handicrafts research and development bases, and 14 Smart Lady handicrafts development associations. It created employment and entrepreneurship for totally 300,000 women, and product sales was nearly RMB 500 million in 2012.
        The establishment of "Smart Lady Workshop" has become the brand project and pro-people project of Beijing Women's Federation. "Smart Lady Workshop" has become the warm homeland for Beijing light-handed women learning skills and exchanging feelings, the industrial base for women's employment and entrepreneurship, and also the display platform for Women's innovative culture.