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Fang Qiuzi:Prevention Promoter and Practitioner

Date:2020-3-4 11:52:59    Views:

Fang Qiuzi

Fang Qiuzi, a national March 8th red-banner pacesetter and the leader of Qiuzi Service of Beijing Capital Highway Development Group Beijing–Shenyang Branch. Fang Qiuzi popularized and guided the staff at Qiuzi Service Station to strictly obey the prevention and control measures soon after the battle against the epidemic began. She offered to demonstrate disinfection cleaning and protective equipment wearing. She also chatted with the staff to relieve their tension. Due partially to her diligent mobilization of young staff, the Group-initiated Donation to Wuhan program raised more than 110,000 Yuan… Fang Qiuzi has demonstrated the power of a Party member with her action at the prevention and control frontline.


Note: The National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter is a major honorary title awarded to women individuals and collectives in all walks of society in China with an outstanding contribution to the construction of socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization on Women’s Day (March 8).

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