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Comprehensive rights protection service
Function of service: Popularize legal knowledge to improve women’s legal quality; understand women’s intentions to offer legal advice and legal aid for women; solve psychological problems and direct women to scientifically More
Entrepreneurship and employment service
Function of service: Introduce relevant policies of entrepreneurial employment in Beijing, exhibit the achievements of women’s innovative undertaking, provide information related to the entrepreneurship and employmentMore
Education & training service
Function of service: Guide women and their family members to learn scientific and cultural knowledge to improve their comprehensive quality and help women to set up correct outlook on lifeMore
Family education service
Function of service: Provide the latest news on family education; popularize and generalize advanced and effective family education methods and ideas; provide children experience courses and parent-child activities; and help parents to solve the problems More
Culture and sports service
Function of service: Serve for the spiritual and cultural needs of women and families for entertaining both mind and body by organizing a variety of vivacious cultural and sports activities conforming to the public interests.More
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