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Women's Federations in Beijing Hold Cultural Activities to Mark Qixi Festival
The women's federations at all levels in Beijing have launched various cultural activities around Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, which fell on August 4 this year.
BWF Convenes Meeting to Convey Spirit of President Xi's Speech
The theoretical study group of the Leading Party Group of the Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) on August 1 held an enlarged meeting to convey and act on the spirit of the speech made by Chinese President Xi Jinping at a study session.
BWF Holds Lecture to Share Party Members’ Frontline Experience in COVID-19 Prevention, Control
Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) kicked off the second session of a lecture series among Party members on August 1, the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).
Event Promotes Family-oriented Exchanges Across the Straits
An event on the theme of “Marriage and Life” was held in Beijing on July 22 to highlight family harmony and deep attachment among compatriots across the Taiwan Straits.
Artist Introduces Chinese Patchwork to Overseas Audience
A recent episode of the Experience Chinese Culture with Smart Lady, a live-stream program sponsored by Beijing Women’s Federation (BWF), showcased techniques of a patchwork artist in Beijing and introduced patchwork culture to netizens across the globe.
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