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Wang Qimeng:A Volunteer Born after 2000

Date:2020-3-3 12:10:52    Views:

Wang Qimeng

The family of Wang Qimeng, who is 19 years old, in Hongsi Village offered to be a volunteer in the battle against the epidemic. Wang Qimeng studies at Wuhan Police Vocation College. When she went home for winter vocation by high-speed railway in the evening of January 7, she reported to the street office and quarantined with her parents at home. They monitored body temperature in the morning and evening every day. Upon being discharged from medical observation on January 28 and receiving a written notice on February 2, they registered on February 5 as a volunteer in Fusheng Home, North Street Community for body temperature monitoring and vehicle registration. “Our country is in trouble, though we are children, we should do something within our strength to prevent and control the epidemic”, said Wang Qimeng.

Note: The Women Service Team is a volunteer team whose main members are women. They advocate the volunteer spirit of Dedication, Friendship, Assistance and Progress and launch activities including the protection of women’s rights, poverty alleviation, and psychological guidance, winning widespread praise from all walks of society and the masses.

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