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Wang Hong:Devotion to Community Prevention and Control

Date:2020-3-3 12:15:04    Views:

Wang Hong is working

Wang Hong, one of 180+ grid members in Huzhuang Village, Jinhaihu Town, Pinggu District, and a part-time Vice-Chairwoman of Huzhuang Village Women’s Federation. Wang Hong has been busy in wide publicity, comprehensive investigation, and strict control since the New Year’s Eve. There are over one hundred full-time taxi drivers in Huzhuang Village. A parking lot has been set to ensure no entry of any taxi into the village. Grid members disinfected taxies and took the temperature of drivers. Wang Hong worked with a thermometer in the parking lot for two or three hours when drivers stopped work for the day at night, even occasionally skipping the dinner. Keeping a keen sense of responsibility and brimming over with enthusiasm, she has assumed many tasks related to epidemic prevention and control.

Note: Executive committee members of a women’s federation understand and collect the opinions and requirements of local women representatives and masses, report the work to the superior, and raise problems and suggestions. They bridge the Party and women masses. They truly care for women.

Grid members are staff assuming specific tasks in the grid-based management organization in a community (village). Grid members often face to face with the masses to understand, convey, and solve their problems. They can help the government in community management and services to minimize contradictions and promote harmony.

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