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Wang Donghui and Jin Na:Great Efforts in the Battle against Epidemic

Date:2020-3-3 12:20:05    Views:

Wang Donghui and Jin Na


Wang Donghui, a part-time Vice-Chairwoman of Changping District Women’s Federation, a Vice-Chairwoman of Changping District Association of Women Entrepreneurs, and Executive President of Beijing Balance Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Upon knowing the demand of Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital, a designated hospital receiving fever patients for protective suit and other medical supplies, she organized enterprises to donate 500 disposable medical protective suits worth 190,000 Yuan to support medical rescue. “We hope frontline health workers in Wuhan must protect themselves and win the battle against the epidemic as soon as possible”, said Wang Donghui.

Jin Na, a part-time Vice-Chairwoman of Huangguayuan Community Women’s Federation in Zhanlan Street, Xicheng District, and Vice-president of Beijing Jinhua Orthopaedic Hospital. Upon knowing the shortage of protective and disinfection supplies for community staff, Jin Na called for and raised 10,000 Yuan. Under the support of Zhanlan Street officials, she sent suppliers including disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and gloves together with the care of 66 workers at Beijing Jinhua Orthopaedic Hospital to frontline staff in 22 communities to show the appreciation for their devotion.

Note: Executive committee members of a women’s federation understand and collect the opinions and requirements of local women representatives and masses, report the work to the superior, and raise problems and suggestions. They bridge the Party and women masses. They truly care for women.

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