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Li Jie:Online Caring for Kids

Date:2020-3-3 12:22:27    Views:

Li Jie

Li Jie, a part-time Vice-Chairwoman of Xibeiwang Town Women’s Federation in Haidian District and the Founder of Chris education model. Giving rein to the superiority as a PHD in Education and a national secondary psychological consultant, Li Jie has opened the online psychological consulting service for women. Li Jie, as the head of a kindergarten, insisted on ensuring learning undisrupted when classes are disrupted. To support family companionship, she organized teachers to push a parent-child game, a short story for kids, a family education video for parents, and a kind sentence in each parent WeChat group every other day.

Note: Executive committee members of a women’s federation understand and collect the opinions and requirements of local women representatives and masses, report the work to the superior, and raise problems and suggestions. They bridge the Party and women masses. They truly care for women.

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