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Rafif Al-Sayed:Spouse of the Syrian Ambassador to China

Date:2020-3-5 13:20:17    Views:

I am Dr. Rafif Al-Sayed, the ambassadress from Syria to China.

The international women’s day is an opportunity  for all of us to cherish the tremendous  progress that women in the whole world  have achieved in the past decades. However, the enormous challenges remained in promoting gender equality.  I believe that promoting gender equality and empowering women are more vital today than any time ever before. In the 21st century, humanity cannot afford anymore the degrading and prejudiced attitude towards women, it cannot continue to tolerate discrimination and sexism. We, the women of today, don’t want our children to grow up into a world where the dignity and full potential of half of humanity is compromised. I firmly believe that the coming decade should witness the end of all sorts of gender inequality, both implicit and explicit. This is equally important to men as it is to women. We shouldeducate the whole society to stand firmly against the social and cultural traditions of degrading women. We are looking forward to a world where intelligent, educated, empowered and, cultivated women play an indispensable role in the world progress and development.It is also an opportunity to express how much we are all proud of the modern Chinese women, and consider the Chinese women a good example and  an inspiring model for all women in the world.

In the difficult time, friends convey a message of love, support and appreciation..From the Syrian people to the Chinese people, we do stand with you in the hard time, we do support all the efforts that Chinese government and people have been paying to win the battle against the coronavirus, it is a battle for the sake of humanity, it is a battle to save the lives of millions of people around the world. Hence, we praise the high sense of responsibility that China has been showing during the war against this disease. We firmly believe that China will reemerge, stronger, healthier and prosperous. From all our hearts and with a loud voice we say JonguoJiayou, Wuhan Jiayou.

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