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Li Meng

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The 13th National Women's Congress (NWC) is set to open in Beijing on October 23. A 65-person delegation from the capital city will attend the upcoming women’s congress, during which they will discuss over major issues concerning women's affairs and display the charm of outstanding women in Beijing in the new era.



Li Meng, head of a toilet pump unit at Dongcheng District Sanitation Center


Li Meng began doing sanitation work in 2011. Like many people, she couldn’t put up with the strong odor in the early days of her arrival. Now she is fully competent for the physically taxing job, which sometimes requires her to get stuck sundries out of sewer with her hands. She often becomes too tired to lift her hands at the end of a working day.

During the past years, Li has always taken the lead in undertaking hard work and solving difficult problems and has gained great sense of fulfillment because the special job matters a lot to the wellbeing of the people.


Meanwhile, Li has always remained honest with all people in the residential communities for which she is responsible. Many people are willing to greet her, give   her a cup of water on hot days and share with her their umbrellas during rainy days because they have regarded her as a family member. As a sanitation worker in the downtown area of Beijing in the new era, Li has been using her concrete actions to keep the city clean and chase her dreams at her post.

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