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Wang Zheng

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The 13th National Women's Congress (NWC) is set to open in Beijing on October 23. A 65-person delegation from the capital city will attend the upcoming women’s congress, during which they will discuss over major issues concerning women's affairs and display the charm of outstanding women in Beijing in the new era.


Wang Zheng, head of toll charges unit in Yufa toll station of Beijing-Kaifeng Highway Management Company affiliated with Beijing Capital Highway Development Group Co., Ltd


Wang Zheng has worked as a toll charges worker for over 10 years. She has taken consistent efforts to further improve her basic skills such as the collection of toll charges and the counting of money. Wang is a three-time winner in the money-counting competition held by Beijing Capital Highway Development Group. She has also performed excellently in relevant national and municipal vocational contests. Wang has opened online courses and Douyin short-video account to promote laws and policies concerning toll charges and to help her peers enhance their competence.

Wang has fully shown her commitment to the job with professional expertise and high-quality services, set up a studio to lead and guide her team members to strive for excellence, and optimize service procedures. She has written two manuals in helping frontline workers standardize their operational procedures and better handle complaints. Wang has written a splendid chapter at the ordinary workplace with her dedicated spirit, hard work and the pursuit of personal dreams.

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