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Wang Na

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The 13th National Women's Congress (NWC) is set to open in Beijing on October 23. A 65-person delegation from the capital city will attend the upcoming women’s congress, during which they will discuss over major issues concerning women's affairs and display the charm of outstanding women in Beijing in the new era.


Wang Na, Party secretary and head of Hongmiao Beili Residential Community in Balizhuang sub-district of Chaoyang district, and president of the community-level women's federation


Wang Na has become the backbone among all Party members and remained in the driver's seat for the entire affairs in the residential community. To better serve all residents in the community, Wang has reorganized resources available, set up four property management committees, and adopt comprehensive service approaches in making the voice of the people heard, getting problems solved and supervising the services of property management companies. Wang is always the first to arrive at the sites where local residents need help. For instance, she immediately brought the property service company to the specific location where waste water ran out of a sewer. She stayed with repairers till late night to ensure all problems were fixed.

Wang has drawn inspiration from her daily work and summed up a set of comprehensive and thoughtful service approaches, which enable her to get the questions and complaints of the people early and make sure they are properly handled. She has forged friendships with many people in the midst of helping them solve their problems and difficulties. The inspiring stories of Wang have been covered by Xuexiqiangguo online learning platform, Beijing Television Station and Beijing Evening News. She has used her smile and love to build a bridge with the people she serves. 

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