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Beijing Awards Outstanding Poems Written for Mothers

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Attendees at the gathering.
Beijing Women's Federation held an awards ceremony on May 26, announcing the winners of a competition featuring poems that offer praise to the nation's moms.
The event was jointly organized by Beijing Women's Association for International Exchange (BWAIE) and other women's federations at all levels across the city.
The event encouraged the public to respect and care for women's rights and interests; carry forward filial piety; and, foster a new social trend of civilization, organizers said.
Gu Xiulian, director of the China National Committee for the Well-being of the Youth and vice-chairperson of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress, wrote an introduction to the event.
Zhao Lijun, vice-president of the federation, delivered a speech.
Accordingly, the competition was initiated by a well-known author and poet who goes by the pseudonym of A'zi. She hoped the competition could inspire the public to cultivate virtues so as to give a positive influence on the younger generation.
Under the theme of "mother", the competition received nearly 4,000 submissions from over 30 related groups, social organizations and families from the capital.
To appraise each competitor's work fairly, experts were invited to form a jury. All competitors were divided into two age groups – adults and the young. The categories of awarded poems include metric verse, free verse and prose.
During the ceremony, winners and participants enjoyed a recital of I Write a Poem for My Mother. And Ma Chuang, a famous singer, sang the activity's theme song which was authored by A'zi.
Aside from this, a five-year-old child called Zhu Jiaqi and a primary school student called Huang Ziyi attracted much attention at the event for their self-created poems.
Audiences commented that the activity reflected their aspirations, shedding light on cherishing families and showing more concern for mothers and the country.
On the same day, the BWAIE awarded a community located in Hujialou Street in Chaoyang District of Beijing as a Civilization Station International Poetry Creating Camp.
Wang Shuixia, president of the BWAIE, said, "The reason for choosing a community at Hujialou Street is because of its long and profound cultural history. Meanwhile, it is a successful community advocating shared resources and common prosperity, which is typical and representative."
Wang hopes that the "civilization station" can promote contact among community residents and facilitate international and domestic cultural exchange.

Zhao Lijun, vice-president of Beijing Women's Federation, delivers a speech at the event. 

(Source: Women of China)


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