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Beijing Conference Promotes Family Education, 'Most Beautiful Families' Campaign

Date:2017-6-23 10:51:27    Views:
Beijing Conference Promotes Family Education, 'Most Beautiful Families' Campaign

Beijing recently held a conference to launch initiatives to promote family education and develop Looking for the Most Beautiful Family campaign.
Xia Jie, vice-president and member of the Secretariat of the ACWF; Jing Junhai, vice-secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee; and, Du Feijin, member of the standing committee and director of the Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee attended the meeting.
The municipal women's federation, education commission and eight other departments issued the Beijing Five-Year Plan on Guiding and Promoting Family Education (2016-2020). Its aim is to build up a service mechanism on family education guidance in the next three years.
In particular, the system is designed to take into account rural and urban development and provide specific characteristics to satisfy the demands of children and families.
The plan specifies seven key tasks to be accomplished and 17 related measures to be applied by 2020. For instance, authorities plan to ensure all elementary and middle schools and kindergartens in Beijing establish special schools for parental education.
The award ceremony of the Most Beautiful Families in Beijing campaign was also held at the gathering.
Xia congratulated the honored families on behalf of the ACWF and spoke highly of the implementation of a series of activities developed by Beijing Women's Federation's which innovatively promote the construction of family civility.
Xia's Remarks
Xia said Chinese President Xi Jinping's recent remarks have highlighted women's unique role in carrying forward positive household virtues and setting up fine family culture. He has also specified directions and given guidance on future work.
Officials should innovatively develop the Looking for the Most Beautiful Family campaign, commented Xia, since the establishment of household culture is regarded as "a vital duty and responsibility for women's federations at every level." She also urged them to extend their coverage and deepen the campaign's content to further promote the practice of the socialist core values among households.
Federations should vigorously develop the activity Conveying Family Mottoes, Setting Family Rules and Carrying Forward Family Culture, which aims to support a positive social ethos.
They are encouraged to promote the implementation of the family education plan, and strengthen related guidance services to instruct children in cultivating fine habits and morals.
Ma Lanxia, president of Beijing Women's Federation, presided over the event.
Attendees also included senior officials of the ACWF and Beijing Municipal Party Committee and staff members from related departments and institutions.
According to officials, in 2017, the Looking for the Most Beautiful Family campaign in Beijing has increased the number of winners to 500 and selected 50 of them as so-called "family models".
(Source: Women of China)

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