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Female Deputies to Beijing CPC Congress Rise to 39.87%

Date:2017-6-29 17:54:14    Views:

 The 12th Congress of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China

Female deputies to the 12th Congress of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which opened on June 19 in Beijing, comprised some 39.87 percent overall.
Out of 760 deputies, 303 were women.
In comparison to the previous congress, the proportion of grassroots deputies, worker deputies, women deputies and ethnic minority deputies all increased.
During the meeting, municipal Party leaders called on deputies to closely unite around the CPC Central Committee with President Xi Jinping as the core leader, and strive to build the capital into one of the world's most harmonious and livable cities.
Such sentiments were shared among female deputies interviewed by China Women's News.
They said that this sentiment is a new development requirement set by the Central Committee after considering the nation's overall development plan, in step with the current situation, and also a goal for the earnest struggle of Beijing women.
Ma Lanxia, president and secretary of the Party leadership group of Beijing Women's Federation, said: "We'll build our federation into a stronger and more energetic organization."
"We'll also mobilize vast numbers of citizens to play their 'half-sky role' in strengthening the city's strategic position."
Feng Liying, director of CPC Liyuan Town Committee in the city's Tongzhou District, said she was greatly inspired by a statement in the congress report, which urged officials to "let Beijing gradually walk onto the center of the world stage."
"As a deputy coming from the grassroots level, I'll study the spirits of this congress carefully and fulfill missions put forward based on my work," Feng said.
"Meanwhile, I'll mobilize all possible strength to help accomplish the task of building an auxiliary center for our city."
Huang Chen, Party branch director and director of the residents' committee in a community in Fengtai District said she had witnessed many major events of the country over the past 17 years, such as the  Beijing 2008 Olympics and the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China.
"It always makes me feel enormously proud to be a community worker because I have opportunities to contribute my own efforts to these big events of our country," Huang said.
Moreover, the construction of Renmin University's Tongzhou District campus which was under planning received great attention at the gathering.
Jin Nuo, vice-president of the All-China Women's Federation and director of Renmin University's Party Committee, said they will arrange the construction of the institution as per overall requirements for the construction of Beijing's sub center and use academic and educational resources to serve the center.
(Source: Women of China)


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