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Beijing Hosts Discussion for 14th Female Entrepreneurship Salon

Date:2017-7-14 10:02:33    Views:

Beijing Hosts Discussion for 14th Female Entrepreneurship Salon 
Beijing Women's International Exchange Center hosted the latest event in its series of female entrepreneurship salons with Lean In China at Tech Temple on June 11, on the theme of "Technology, Medicine and Health".

For the 14th Session of the Beauty of Entrepreneurship discussion, three businesswomen of founding startups in the field of medical science and technology, shared their opinions of the cutting-edge field.
The event was the second session of the 2017: Female Entrepreneurship Salon Series of Activities and was attended by dozens of representatives from areas such as technology, consulting, media, university and startups.
The three main guest speakers all shared good business sense and an ability to seize the needs of the times. They spoke about their experience of building startups in areas including medical imaging, and healthcare management, as well as about the latest developments in the global “smart healthcare” industry.
The speakers put forward their belief in the continuous progress of science and technology to promote the development of traditional medicine and improve the utilization of medical resources. Thus, the industry can let more people share such achievements and create greater social value, they said.
During discussions, guests discussed entrepreneur-related problems, how to build teams, startup financing and cross-industry startups, based on their international experience in the management of enterprises over the years.
They especially pointed out the biggest challenge of entrepreneurship is to let the dream and vision land, and gave advice accordingly. They also suggested breaking down tasks into smaller targets, and making feasible action plans, which could help entrepreneurs build their startups from scratch.

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