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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Family Education Symposium Held in Capital

Date:2017-8-11 15:23:35    Views:
Ma Hongping speaks during the symposium

Organizers hosted a family education symposium on July 26 in Beijing to discuss advancements in children's early edification in the capital, the northern municipality of Tianjin and the northern province of Hebei.
The symposium was initiated by women's federations in the three places, and jointly organized with the help of Beijing Family Education Research Association and Parenting Science Magazine.
Several experts and scholars were invited to the symposium as members of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Family Education Think Tank.
Remarks from Ma Hongping
Ma Hongping is a temporary vice-president of Beijing Women's Federation.
She said the initiative aimed to fully implement President Xi Jinping's keynote remarks; and, act in accordance with guidelines issued by the All-China Women's Federation, the Ministry of Education, and another seven departments.
She urged that further five-year plans on family education should be carried out comprehensively among the three places.
Accelerated development and cooperation between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei can help take advantage of the basic role of families in spreading core Socialist values, said organizers.
The annual symposium, which first started last year, was held in order to promote the integration of advantageous resources and the construction of a special legalized social network on family education, further benefiting the region's resource sharing.
In 2017, women's federations in the three places have jointly carried out various activities focusing on the development of household civilization.
In addition to the symposium, other initiatives included the Most Beautiful Families' Online Lectures and a collection of environmental protection-themed songs for children and teenagers.
Remarks from Bai Yan
Bai Yan, a researcher at Tianjin Institute of Education Sciences and president of Tianjin Family Education Research Association, expressed hope that the three places could jointly promote family education.
In particular, the development of early education across the region should focus on staff training, the establishment of work mechanisms, and relevant research into both theory and practice, she added.
Other guests who delivered speeches at the symposium included: Zhang Kan, an academician from the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World; Chen Xuefeng, an expert on education and child development from the Chinese branch of UNICEF; Wang Shuquan, a researcher from the National Institute of Education Sciences; Kang Liying, a professor and deputy dean of the College of Education at Capital Normal University; and, Zhang Liying, a professor from the College of Education at Hebei University.

Guests receive certificates of appointment as experts of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Family Education Think Tank

(Source: Women of China)

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