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BWF Holds Meeting on Party Building in Social Organizations

Date:2022-6-27 16:30:23    Views:

The Department of Social Work of the Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) convened a meeting on June 17 to promote Party building in social organizations under its jurisdiction. Some 60 people, including heads and Party members of 22 social organizations and staff of the Department of Social Work of the BWF, attended the meeting.

Staff of the BWF gave an interpretation of all chapters of a guideline made by BWF on the regulation of Party building workers in social organizations, reported the selection and appointment of members to the united Party branch of social organizations under BWF. They also gave explanations about labor division, and specified the work arrangements as well as requirements for Party building instructors.

Chen Yanping, Vice-President of the BWF, put forward a three-point proposal on leveraging the leading role of Party building undertaken by the united Party branch of social organizations and promoting healthy development of social organizations.

First, social organizations should further enhance their understanding of the importance of Party building, which is crucial for their long-term, stable operation. The work of Party building should be closely conducted in line with correct political orientation and remain committed to the political stances of the Party. Second, social organizations should strengthen their capacity-building in learning, foster the awareness of branding, enhance their professional value, incorporate Party building into all other aspects of daily work, take creative approaches to seek development in challenges, and greet the opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with enthusiasm and outstanding performances. Third, social organizations should strictly abide by all COVID-19 prevention and control policies and measures under current circumstances.

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