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BWF Holds Meeting to Improve Women Volunteers’ Service

Date:2022-7-18 10:08:22    Views:

Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) held a meeting on July 14 to promote the development of women volunteers service facilities. The meeting was held in a national-level women volunteer service station in Xizongbu residential community, Dongcheng District in Beijing. Together with heads of women volunteers service stations, staffs in charge of women volunteers service work in Dongcheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Tongzhou and Changping districts shared their experience in carrying out women volunteers services at the meeting.


Beijing Women's Federation holds a meeting in Xizongbu residential community to promote the work of women volunteers service facilities.


Dongcheng Women's Federation has adopted a paired assistance scheme for social organizations and community-based women volunteers service teams to improve their work together. Chaoyang Women's Federation has strengthened its capacity-building in the supply of voluntary services in an emergency. Haidian Women's Federation has leveraged educational resource and historical and cultural relics in the district to conduct diverse volunteer service. Tongzhou Women's Federation has stressed the guidance of Party-building affairs and aligned the development of volunteer service with the construction of Beijing's sub-center in the district. Changping Women's Federation has given full play to the functions of major volunteer service brands in the organization of women volunteers service.

In addition, attendees also held discussions on the platform management, membership registration and project release related to women volunteers service.


Chen Yanping (right), Member of the Leading Party Group and Vice-President of Beijing Women's Federation, delivers a speech at the meeting.


Chen Yanping, Member of the Leading Party Group and Vice-President of the BWF, hailed the efforts made by the district-level women's federations and put forward some suggestions. First, the women's federations should have a clear definition of the role of women volunteers service. The services should be reachable by ordinary people, especially families, and womens federations should show their mobilizing capability under urgent conditions. Second, the women's federations should incorporate women volunteers service into their overall work, strengthen regional development, deepen resource integration, and consolidate personnel building. Third, the women's federations should take intensified efforts to study and resolve restrictive factors related to volunteer service, adhere to problem-solving approach, and carry out women volunteer services with high standards in alignment with Beijing's role as a capital city.

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