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List of Capital’s Most Beautiful Families for 4th Quarter 2023 Unveiled

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The list of the Capital's Most Beautiful Families for the fourth quarter of 2023 was released recently. The Looking for the Capital's Most Beautiful Families campaign was jointly organized by Beijing Women's Federation (BWF), Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Beijing Municipal Supervisory Commission, the Organization and Publicity Departments of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Beijing Municipal Office for Cultural-Ethical Progress, and Beijing Municipal Education Commission under the theme “forging ahead with a deeper love of the country on the new journey.”

Seventy-five role model families, represented by the families of Wang Yuming, You Chunyan, Hang Hai and Zhang Lin, are on the list

The list of Capital’s Most Beautiful Families of the fourth quarter in 2023


The list of nominated families for Capital’s Most Beautiful Families of the fourth quarter in 2023


The Family of Wang Yuming: Selfless Dedication to Technological Research

Wang Yuming is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and a prominent expert in the sealing sector. He has made noticeable contributions to helping China break through the bottleneck of core technologies in the sealing industry. Wang became a winner of the 14th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize, the highest honor in the Chinese engineering field, in May 2022. He donated the prize and set up a special fund in a drive to encourage young scientific and technological workers to devote themselves to science and technology and shore up weak links in the country's basic research. Meanwhile, Wang is an enthusiast of poetry, photography, calligraphy and music, and he has been known as a poetic academician. He has written a long article to commemorate his father, shared with others about his photography work to enhance children's love of the nature, and teach his children to grant their friends with mutual support. Wang’s achievements, life journey, family education and tradition, and the positive personality have become a source of inspiration and strength of all individuals and families.

The Family of You Chunyan: Illustrating Tradition of a Military Family with Love, Responsibility

You Chunyan is a kindergarten teacher and the wife of a serviceman. She has shouldered the responsibility of taking care of parents-in-law and children because his husband, Li Baojun, has had little time to stay with them. You has often asked her daughter to carry forward revolutionary tradition, show respect to teachers and build a close bond with classmates in school. She has integrated the cultivation of patriotism with kindergarten education, organized visits to the troops, and shared with other parents in her children's class as well as the wives of servicemen about traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture and parenting tips in WeChat groups. Li has received dozens of awards and honors, which include two third-class merits, Outstanding Military Personnel and Outstanding Military Instructor, in recognition of his sound performance. During an interview, he attributed these honorary titles to the huge support of You. The family has become a role model in the inheritance and development of revolutionary tradition and culture.

The Family of Hang Hai: Safeguarding Public Safety with Strong Sense of Loyalty, Responsibility

Hang Hai is head of the personnel management department in Fengtai District Fire and Rescue Brigade. During the past 13 years, he has taken part in the handling of over 1,300 emergencies and in the prevention and control of fire accidents for the country's annual "two sessions," the celebration ceremony of the centenary of the founding of the CPC, the ceremony to mark the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and the 20th National Congress of the CPC. Over the past years, Hang has often immediately responded to the alarms of fire accidents, rushed to the accident sites at his fastest speed, and made no complaints about the sufferings in the completion of his duties. His wife, Ma Xiaowen, has shouldered the responsibilities of taking care of children and the elderly at home. As an educator, she has contributed her efforts to promoting the development of Chinese dieting culture and safeguarding the health of the people.

The Family of Zhang Lin: Saving Other’s Life, Setting an Example

Zhang Lin is an employee of China Information Technology Designing & Consulting Institute affiliated with China Unicom Corporation. He has persisted in learning and self-improvement, become the first holder of a senior professional title in his department, and dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the development of the country's 5G technology. During a business tour to northeast China's Heilongjiang Province in 2019, Zhang jumped into the Songhuajiang River to save the life of an individual. The heroic deeds have earned Zhang lots of acclaim from the public. He was a winner of the Top 10 Beijing Role Models of the Year in 2019. His wife, Guo Chunliu, has won several honorary titles in recognition of her outstanding performance at the workplace. She took care of their son at home and performed other household duties when Zhang was dispatched to work in Jilin Province for a decade. Under the influence of the couple, their son has set up lofty ideals since the childhood. The family has used their concrete actions to promote new socialist family values.


To further study, publicize and implement the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, carry out important discourses made by General Secretary Xi on family, family education and virtues, and mark the 10th anniversary of the Looking for Capital's Most Beautiful Families campaign, BWF will continue to organize the campaign in 2024, under the theme “Working hard on the new journey, realizing dreams of family and country.” A group of role-model families who show firm love for both the Party and the country, support the green development, raise their children in a scientific manner, manage their families in a clean and competent gesture, follow their piety obligations and practise civilized social norms will be selected. The organizer will underscore the positive development brought by the campaign in the past decade, showcase positive images of local families on the new journey, and further promote socialist core values and new family traditions in the new era.

In 2024, it is scheduled to release a list of most beautiful families each quarter, unveil an annual list of 300 role model families and a concurrent list of the top 10 most beautiful families in the capital city, make their stories widely known, and promote the building of new socialist family traditions, which stress the love of the country and family, mutual love and assistance, the pursuit of benevolence and excellence, and the building of an inclusive society.

Please visit the WeChat account Beijing Women for more information of the most beautiful families and/or log into the official website ( of the BWF to recommend candidate families in the campaign.

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