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BWF Organizes Visits to Heroines' Families, Disadvantaged Women ahead of Spring Festival

Date:2024-2-7 14:14:22    Views:

Officials of Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) visited the families of two martyrs and disadvantaged women and sent caring of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and government ahead of the Spring Festival. This is to fully leverage the roles of women's federations in bridging women with the Party and the government.


Zhang Yajun, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and President of the BWF, paid visits to the families of Xiong Li and Wang Hongchun, both of whom sacrificed their lives in the flood-relief efforts in the summer of 2023. She delivered to them the greetings of the All-China Women's Federation, conferred to them honorary titles and certificates of Xiong and Wang and expressed her admiration to the two martyrs for their heroic deeds. Zhang also brought daily necessities to the families, and asked about their health and conditions of their lives and education of children. Zhang said that women's federations will continually pay attention to the lives of the martyrs' families and provide them with necessary assistance in family education and caring services through women volunteers.


Disadvantaged women are of high concern for women's federations. During her visit to the family of a needy woman with cancer, Zhang held talks over her health, life and difficulties and encouraged her to receive further medical treatment, remain optimistic and have faith in regaining personal health. Meanwhile, members of BWF's leadership visited disadvantaged women and those with breast and cervical cancers, inquired about their health and life conditions as well as actual demands, brought them daily necessities, and encouraged them to be optimistic about the future. For their parts, those needy women said that they are grateful to the Party and the government as well as women's federations for their caring and assistance and that they will forge new strength toward regaining health.


Members of BWF's leadership came to the houses of some former heads of women-oriented organizations dedicated to fighting against Japanese aggression and striving for national independence in the 1930s and 1940s, hailed their glorious contributions to the cause of the Party and women, delivered necessities and asked about their health and life conditions. The officials listened to their problems and expectations, and wished them well. Those elderly comrades showed their thanks to the Party, the government and women's federations for their greetings and caring.







Moreover, members of BWF's leadership conducted inspections over the work concerning women and children, and inquired about the operation of women and children service centers, parents' schools and the employment of women. They asked women's federations at district level to further promote the study and implementation of the guiding principles of the 13th National Womens Congress of China, give full play to the functions of women's federations in connecting women with the Party and the government, deepen the work on family, family education and family virtues, and pool the strength of women toward building China into a modern socialist country.


The BWF and lower-level women's federations have closely targeted the demands of children and their families, focused their efforts on childrens moral, family and safety education, and the availability of volunteer services for children and carried out various thematic and interesting activities for children. They have worked together with women volunteers and other types of social resources in the organization of a wide range of cultural and caring activities for kids, helped children enjoy a colorful and safe winter holiday, and safeguarded their healthy growth.






The organization of greeting activities has further strengthened the ties between women's federations and women and has solved the "last mile" challenge in improving the services of women. In its next step, BWF will make full use of its functions, take concrete actions to help disadvantaged women and children, and continually enhance their sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.

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