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BWF Convenes Quarterly Meeting to Review Work on Grassroots Organizations Construction

Date:2024-3-27 14:31:51    Views:

Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) held a quarterly meeting at Beijing Women and Children's Service Center on the morning of March 26 to review the work on grassroots organizations construction. The meeting was attended by 40 people including vice-presidents in charge of relevant work and heads of organization and publicity departments of district-level women's federations in Beijing.


At the meeting, the BWF Department for Grassroots Organizations Construction briefed attendees on experience and measures adopted by district-level women's federations in the cultivation and development of special brands, and distributed among them a collection of cases. Representatives of district-level women's federations from Pinggu, Daxing and Huairou gave an introduction to their work and highlights. The meeting summed up achievements in grassroots organizations construction in the year 2023 and made arrangements of major work for grassroots organizations construction in the year 2024.

Wei Jiang, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and Vice-President of the BWF, fully acknowledged the progress made by all district-level women's federations in further deepening the building of grassroots organizations and gave her analyses over the work of women's federations under new circumstances. To strengthen the work of the women's federations concerning the further development of grassroots organizations, she asked them to strengthen investigations and research and promote internal reform with concrete results; pool the strength of other relevant sides; focus their efforts on the overall work and strive for win-win cooperation; and carry out work in appropriate manners and adopt concrete measures for substantial effects.


A training session was also held on the making of short videos and live-streaming skills in collaboration with the women's federation of Kuaishou (a major Chinese short video app).  The event was held according to the requirements of grassroots organizations' construction work in 2024, which emphasize the enhancement of cadres' competence and quality and training activities. The thematic training session invited women delivery workers and families who had expressed their willingness to attend a collection and exhibition event for sharing happy family moments of workers from new business forms and new employment groups. Together with them, vice-presidents in charge of relevant work and heads of organization and publicity departments of district-level women's federations learned pragmatic skills and knowledge concerning short videos and live-streaming business, and engaged in interactions with lecturers.

The meeting sounded a clarion call for all district-level women's federations in the advancing of the construction work on grassroots women's federations in the capital city. In the months to come, the municipal-level and district-level women's federations will strive to translate each arrangement and requirement of the 13th National Women's Congress of China into concrete results, push for the construction of women's federations in new economic and business organizations as well as new employment groups, and continue with the reform of women's federations.


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