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Beijing, Tianjin Women's Federations Hold Exchange Activity

Date:2024-3-25 14:33:38    Views:

Beijing Women's Federation and Tianjin Women's Federation recently co-organized an exchange event for joint learning and development in the capital city to further implement a circular of several measures on promoting the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region via high-quality Party-building services. Wei Jiang, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and Vice-President of Beijing Women's Federation (BWF), and Wang Dongmei, Member of the Leading Party Members' Group and Vice-President of Tianjin Women's Federation (TWF), attended the event.

Attendees from the two women's federations visited a public service block of Shouzuoyuyuan Erli Residential Community in Guanyinsi Sub-district of Daxing, the Office of Liu Yumei, a BWF executive committee member, and a service center for women under Tongrentang (a traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy) Zhima Health. They conducted investigations over the participation of women's organizations in grassroots social governance, the utilization of the roles of grassroots executive members of women's federations, and the operation of women's service facilities as well as other relevant venues.


During a meeting, representatives of the BWF gave an introduction to its efforts and progress on promoting the development of grassroots organizations and Party-building work, and held talks with their counterparts of the TWF over issues of common concern. Attendees from the two sides said that they will continuously follow the implementation of a framework agreement on the coordinated development and cooperation between women across the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, strengthen their collaboration over Party-building work, push for the integrated development between women's federations in the Party's political, ideological, organizational, discipline, working style and institutional building, and provide strong services guarantee to the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Those in attendance of the event included heads of the grassroots organization construction department and the Party committee (Party-building work department) of the BWF, and the Party committee as well as organization department of the TWF.




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