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Haidian District Women's Federation Holds Lecture on Family Happiness Enhancement

Date:2024-4-7 14:57:42    Views:

Haidian District Women’s Federation holds a lecture on happiness enhancement.


Over 50 people, which included cadres of 29 sub-district and township women's federations and representatives of "the Most Beautiful Families" in Haidian district of Beijing, attended a lecture on further enhancing family happiness at Zhongguancun Book Building on the afternoon of April 3. The special event was held by Haidian District Women's Federation to advance work related to family education, help local families further bolster their capacity building in happiness cultivation, and foster a harmonious, healthy and upright family environment.

Prior to the lecture, attendees toured around the iconic book building to grasp a deep understanding of new quality productive forces, chatGPT, artificial intelligence and other new technologies.

During the lecture, teachers guided participants to personally walk into a "musical therapy and mindfulness stress reduction" workshop. They became fully relaxed and acquired methods and skills about how to better communicate with their children and other family members through pressure measurement, fingertip dancing and self-humming. The humming of a song titled "Happiness and Joy Stay with Me" made trainees be highly relaxed and produced positive results.

Since the implementation of the family education promotion law in January 2022, Haidian District Women's Federation has closely worked around family education and cultivated a series of family education brands. The Family Happiness Enhancement project is one of them and it is designed to help local families further increase their family and parent-child happiness index and capabilities. So far, Haidian District Women's Federation has successfully held thematic activities on the cultivation and exhibition of personal happiness, with the participation of over 400,000 parents.

The "musical therapy and mindfulness stress reduction" workshop, which was the first leg of the 2024 Family Happiness Enhancement project, is aimed at helping grassroots officials of women's federations positively transform their concept and mindset, release personal pressure and become highly efficient at the workplace. Additionally, it is intended to get more families mobilized with positive and fine spirit, become interacted with surrounding environment, and achieve inner and inter-personal harmony in the aspects of self-realization, mental growth, children's education, family happiness and work-related achievements.

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