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Women's Federation of Livestreamers in Pinggu District Established

Date:2024-4-1 15:02:43    Views:

The first congress of women livestreamers in Pinggu district is held.


A meeting was held on the morning of March 29 in Pinggu district of Beijing to mark the founding of a women's federation of livestreamers and the opening of its first congress. The establishment of the women's federation was one of concrete measures taken by Pinggu Women's Federation to act on major objectives and tasks of the 13th National Women's Congress of China (NWC), expand the coverage and services of women's federations, and support the positive development of the district's livestreaming industry.

At the congress, seven people were elected as members of the first executive committee of the womens federation of livestreamers in Pinggu in accordance with the Constitution of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF). Luo Xiaorong and Wang Dan were respectively elected as president and vice-president of the women's federation of livestreamers at the first meeting of its executive committee. Luo gave a speech after her election. Officials of the ACWF and the Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) attended the inaugural ceremony of the women's federation of livestreamers. Those in attendance of the ceremony included 39 representatives of women livestreamers.

Xu Guimin, President of Pinggu Women's Federation, extended her congratulations to the establishment of the women's federation of livestreamers. She said that the newly-founded women's federation is the organization and home of livestreamers, hoping that it will give full play to its functions and roles in communication and liaison, listen to the voice and views of women, undertake various types of work, and provide a wide collection of services to the healthy development of livestreaming industry. Xu came up with a four-point proposal for the development of the women's federation of livestreamers. Firstly, it should strengthen professional training and carry out various types of training activities related to such topics as livestream skills, product promotion and marketing strategies in a move to further enhance the professional competence and competitiveness of livestreamers. Secondly, it should deepen exchanges and cooperation, build exchange platforms, promote the exchanges and interactions among livestreamers, and convene salons, forums, symposiums and experience-sharing activities. Thirdly, it should build comprehensive platforms to help sell products of women's federation-related production bases Smart-Lady workshops, and women's employment promotion association, and organize livestream training to increase the sales of agricultural and handicraft products. Fourthly, it should carry out public-welfare activities, make full use of demonstration and guiding roles of women role models, help farmers acquire more agricultural and livestream knowledge and skills, assist farmers in the sales of their fruits and vegetables both online and offline, strive to be enthusiasts of public welfare affairs, and work hard to bolster its social influences and reputation. Fifthly, it should provide employment assistance services, which cover employment recommendation, entrepreneurship support, and career planning as well as guidance, to those who want to be livestreamers so as to help more women become employed and achieve their career development, foster leading women e-commerce practitioners and help them develop products to bolster the employment and income of women with disabilities.

After the meeting, BWF invited Men Siyu, an expert with Chinese short video app Kuaishou, to give a lecture on livestream that was highly relevant and practical. Many livestreamers said that they were very grateful to BWF for providing the learning and communication platform and that they will turn their studies into concrete results, give full play to the livestream platforms in the sales of local products and the promotion of Pinggu's reputation and influences, and showcase the positive image of local women known for self-confidence, self-improvement and the pioneering spirit.

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