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Staff from Changping Women's Federation Visit Women-oriented Agricultural Demonstration Base

Date:2024-4-3 9:37:09    Views:


The visitors tour around a jonquil plantation base of Beijing Haojing Huifeng Agricultural Technology.


The visitors hold talks with staff workers of Beijing Haojing Huifeng Agricultural Technology.


A campaign to provide rural women with assistance in their entrepreneurship and employment and further enhance their sense of fulfillment and happiness was launched recently in Beijing's Changping district.

During a visit to Beijing Haojing Huifeng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd, a demonstration base for the promotion of women's entrepreneurship and employment in Yangfang township, representatives of Beijing Women's Federation (BWF), Beijing University of Agriculture (BUA), the BUA School of Landscape Architecture, Changping Women's Federation (CWF) and Yangfang town's government held talks with women entrepreneurs and employees there.

Prior to the meeting, the visitors toured around a jonquil plantation base of Beijing Haojing Huifeng Agricultural Technology. Experts of the BUA listened to an introduction to the company's overall layout and business operation and came up with their professional proposals for the cultivation and selection of varieties, soil matrix, pest prevention and control.

At the meeting, a representative of Beijing Haojing Huifeng Agricultural Technology spoke with the visitors about its order-based production and operation approaches, business scale, corporate development, achievements in the research and development of agricultural technology, and its efforts to strengthen agricultural training for rural women and promote the employment of nearby women.

Zhao Xiaomeng, executive vice-president of BUA's trade union, said that the university signed a strategic cooperation deal with Changping district's government in November 2023 to further bolster their integrated development. She said that the university will continuously make full use of its academic and personnel strength and deepen bilateral cooperation on the commercialization of research results, talent cultivation and technological utilization for farmers. Noting that the visit will further consolidate the cooperation between the two sides, Zhao said that BUA will strengthen its cooperation with women-oriented demonstration bases in Changping, improve communication channels, promote resource sharing, advance university-enterprise and university-city cooperation, encourage outstanding talents to work in enterprises, intensify the application of research results into agricultural production and management, especially the exploratory research of foreign varieties available to Beijing Haojing Huifeng Agricultural Technology, and strive to make new contributions to the localized cultivation of high-quality jonquil species.

Yan Mei, President of the CWF, said that the federation has provided women entrepreneurs with resources and services through the special campaign during the past few years. She emphasized that the federation will give full play to its strength, facilitate the implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement, promote the building of information communication platforms between BUA and local women-oriented demonstration bases, push for the commercialization of the university's research results in Changping, provide enterprises founded by women with solutions to pressing issues in production, offer rural women more vocational training and employment opportunities, and make contributions to the cultivation of new agricultural quality productive forces, the comprehensive implementation of rural revitalization strategy, and the high-quality development of local economic and social affairs.

Jiang Tao, a first-class inspector of the BWF Department for Women's Development, spoke highly of the order-based production and management approaches, production scale and the research and development of agricultural technologies in Beijing Haojing Huifeng Agricultural Technology. He said that the special campaign has provided women entrepreneurs in rural areas with support in the aspects of policies, projects, technologies, training and services and fully met their relevant development needs through visits, symposiums and exchanges. Jiang hoped Beijing Haojing Huifeng Agricultural Technology and other outstanding enterprises founded by women make full use of their demonstration roles and work together with BWF and CWF to help more women become employed and increase personal income, support the building of Beijing into a garden city and the implementation of rural revitalization drive, and open new frontiers for the capital city's high-quality development. Jiang said that BWF will continuously channel more resources of public services into rural areas and women.

During the past years, CWF has taken the organization of the special campaign as an important measure to implement the Spring Breeze Action and bring tangible benefits to the public. In the next step, it will push forward a thematic campaign that stresses pragmatic work style and outstanding performance, facilitate full implementation of the strategic cooperation agreement between Changping and BUA, enhance the reputation of women-oriented demonstration bases, resolve pressing issues of high concern for women in their entrepreneurship and employment, and take concrete actions to do good and practical matters for women.

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