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Domestic and Oversea Families Walk on Art Trip with Hand in Hand to Construct A Harmonious, Livable and Happy Beijing

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         In the morning on May. 25, with sunshine of early summer, numerous families both at home and abroad gathered in Bai Ma Mei Duo Arts Center in Beijing 798 Arts Districts to participate in the opening ceremony of “International Family Arts — the First International Family Art Week of 2014” hosted by Beijing Women’s Federation and organized by Beijing Women's International Center. Ma Lanxia, president, and Zhou Zhijun, vice president of Beijing Women’s Federation, Ambassadors of Algeria and Egypt in China, and executive director of Russian Cultural Centre in Beijing etc. attended this ceremony. More than 500 people, including some diplomatists of embassies in China and their families, foreign experts and their families in Beijing, and family representatives from more than 20 countries, participated in this activity.
         In opening address, Ma Lanxia said that it is always the mission and objectives of Beijing Women’s Federation to lead women and children in Beijing to living better and happier. By providing various resources and platforms, Beijing Women’s Federation strongly supports women playing an unique role in social life and family life, leads women to moving toward promotion of family happiness, social harmony and civilization progress.
In the field of people-to-people diplomacy, Beijing Women’s Federation is willing to work together with each side to gather unique wisdom and power of women, to prompt mutual understanding of people of each country through exchange and communication of women and families, and to build a diversified, harmonious and livable city where classic and modern styles are combined, and diverse cultures are integrated.
         Hassan Labelsi, the representative of this activity and ambassador of Algeria in China, Majedi Aamir, ambassador of Egypt in China, and Dua Jef, executive director of Russian Cultural Centre in Beijing made speeches individually, showed their support and appreciation to Beijing Women’s Federation establishing cultural exchange platform on the topic of family and arts, and spoke highly of International Family Art Week’s meaning for prompting friendship and solidarity of people of each country, and prompting development of cultural diplomacy and construction of world city of Beijing.
         The International Family Art Week presents three parts of public benefit theme works exhibition: “International Family Arts” consisting of paintings, picture books and environment protection idea works with the topic of “Beijing in My Eyes”, “The Motherland in My Eyes”, “World in the Eyes” and etc. created by children and families both domestic and overseas; “Window of the World” cultural exhibition consisting of art works with cultural features of each country provided by Embassy of Algeria in China, Embassy of Egypt in China and Russian Cultural Centre in Beijing; “Dab Hands and Beautiful Homes” handicraft arts exhibition consisting of works by Women Artists Workshop.
         In the opening day, the activity site is full of warm atmosphere: paintings and environment protection idea works show children's simplicity and interest and children’s serious thinking and concerns on the world; sculptures, paintings and national costume etc. provided by Embassy of Algeria in China, Embassy of Egypt in China and Russian Cultural Centre in Beijing are magnificent and rare; facial makeup, “Jing” embroidery and tile carving etc. created by Women Artists Workshop contain strong cultural atmosphere, and attract attention and appreciation of families both domestic and overseas.
         Outside the exhibition hall, wonderful environment protection plays, gorgeous song and dance of foreign countries, colorful children's picture book, paper-cut, colored drawings, cartoons and other interesting handworks made many domestic and overseas families be amazed and surprised. Substantial themed exhibitions and outdoor activities present domestic and overseas families in Beijing with a colorful world culture tour. All the participants hope to have more chances to engage in such diverse culture exchange activity appreciative, informative and inclusive. More than ten mediums, including China Women, China Daily, China Beijing TV Station, Peoples Network, Qian Long Network, attended this activity for live reporting.

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