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Int'l Day of Families Celebrated in Beijing

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Children perform at the event.

Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) and the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Beijing held an annual ceremony at Soong Ching-ling Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Center in Beijing on May 12 to celebrate the International Day of Families.
As a special programfor people-to-people diplomacy in Beijing and the representative foreign exchange activity of BWF, the celebration has been held for eight years successively. Its aim is promoting family harmony, happiness and progress, and with fostering family culture as the core, strengthening the communication between
Chinese and foreign families and cultural exchanges.
The event was held on the theme of "Sharing Technological Achievements, Creating a Better Life". More than 400 people, including diplomats from 30 countries in China and their families, representatives awarded the title of Most Beautiful Families of the Capital, and people from different sections of society, attended the event.
BWF president Cai Shumin noted in her opening speech that, in response to the theme of the event, this ceremony, centering on the captial city's functions as the Cultural Center, the International Exchange Center, and the Science and Technology Innovation Center, aims to help more families understand the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, and pay attention to the significance of families in building a harmonious and inclusive society.
At the opening ceremony, leaders of the All-China Women's Federation and BWF awarded trophies and certificates to international family representatives who won the title of 2018 Most Beautiful Families of the Capital.
During the event, Chinese and foreign families teamed up to compete in scientific and technological activities such as robotic football matches to understand the development of science through experience, exploration and challenges.
Meanwhile, Chinese and foreign families also participated in traditional cultural activities such as  tea ceremony, Chinese calligraphy writing, moxibustion, creative printing and dyeing, or knead pottery.
The event also involved a week-long public exhibition to display the family culture of various countries and moments of the event.

People take photos at the event

A foreign child writes Chinese calligraphy.

Leaders and families hold a banner on the stage of the event. 

(Source: Women of China)


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