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Beijing Women's Federation Promotes 2017 Int'l Family Day

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Beijing Women's Federation Promotes 2017 Int'l Family Day

Performance at the event


Beijing Women's Federation and the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing co-hosted an annual celebration of International Day of Families on May 20.
The event and exhibition, based on the theme of "Diversity, Felicity and Happy Family Day", opened at the city's Tianqiao Performing Arts Center.
A total of 400 people participated, including family members of foreign diplomats from 21 different countries; family representatives of foreign experts; representatives of international families awarded the title of Most Beautiful Family in the Capital; and, other Beijing-based families from all walks of life.
Elsa Tecleab, spouse of the Eritrean ambassador; Sandra Salamanca, minister of Columbia; and, M. Tsendsuren, spouse of the Mongolian ambassador, participated in the activity with their families, respectively.
Representatives from the Beijing foreign affairs office; and from Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges attended the event.
Zhao Lijun, vice-president of Beijing Women’s Federation addressed the opening ceremony of the event. In her speech, she said the federation promotes the Celebrating International Day of Family Together activity every May, aimed at building platforms for local and foreign families living in Beijing, and helping them to communicate and promote friendship.
The UN originally established International Family Day to promote harmony, happiness and progress. The activity comes in response to the call from the UN, based on capital’s core function as a center for international exchange.
This year’s main activity was conducted in a rich cultural area, Xicheng District. Meanwhile, the exhibition took place in Tianqiao, an attractive area with many examples of historic Beijing folk culture. The event lasted for one week.
Held annually, it featured joyful stories about the activity Finding the Most Beautiful Family in the Capital; captured moments from the event Harmonious Beijing International Family Supper of Chinese New Year's Eve; and, a crafts exhibition made by members of the organization Beijing Smart Lady.
The Overseas Communication Center of newspaper Guangming Daily broadcast the opening activity across the globe. According to their records, the online broadcast attracted 700,000 Chinese and foreign netizens to watch, and received more than 30,000 likes.
The event was undertaken by Beijing Women International Center; the Women’s Federation of Xicheng District; and, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Xicheng District, with the support of Association for International Exchanges, Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Beijing Architectural University and Beijing International Chinese College.


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