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Beijing Qiaoniang Crafts Development Association

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Name: A Hanging Cucurbit

Maker: Smart Lady Liu Xiaodi (Haidian District)

Form: Paper-cut

Description: The allusion of describing the great medical treatment with a hanging cucurbit is taken over to eulogize the frontline medics. In ancient mythology, cucurbit, homonym of auspice, was endowed with the divinity of protecting life and praying for happiness and prosperity. We are confident in embracing a happy life after winning the battle against the epidemic.


Name: Chinese Knot - A Magpie on the Plum

Maker: Smart Lady Zhang Chunyan (Dongcheng District)

Form: Chinese Knot + Embroidery

Description: Plum is the city flower of Wuhan. A magpie on the plum shows a sign of good luck as plum is the messenger of spring and magpie symbolizes fortune. Wish Wuhan a winner against the epidemic and our medics triumph early! 


Inscription: “Winning the Battle against Epidemic with Concerted Efforts”

“Parking Registration during the Epidemic”

Name: Winning the Battle against Epidemic with Concerted Efforts

Maker: Smart Lady Cui Yumei (Changping District)

Form: Poster

Description: Inspired by the dedication of Party members and women volunteers standing at the entrance of the village, whether storm or snow, Cui Yumei, a 72-year-old smart lady in Changping District, created this handicraft to praise them and express her confidence in our country to win the battle against the epidemic as an ordinary rural woman.


Name: Mask Wearing Is a Duty of Everyone
Maker: Smart Lady Lu Yuling (Dongcheng District)
Form: Intangible Cultural Heritage Shadow Play
Description: Journey to the West is a well-known Chinese mythological novel. This fantasy relates the adventures of priest Sanzang and his three disciples, as they travel west in search of Buddhist Sutra. This shadow play calls for unity to fight the epidemic and remind all the people of wearing a mask for protection. We will win the battle against the epidemic and usher in a victory!


Name: Epidemic Prevention and Control from Me

Maker: Smart Lady Wang Peilan (Pinggu District)

Form: Paper-cut

Description: By linking the central requirements for epidemic prevention and control with the actual life of ordinary residents, this handicraft provides a set of daily preventive tips, i.e., washing your hands frequently at home, wearing a mask when going out, keeping as little contact with animals, and eat clean food.


Name: Remove the Hat
Maker: Smart Lady Li Yan (Fengtai District)
Form: Polymer Clay Round Sculpture
Description: Since 2020 is the year of the Rat, the hat the small rat wears represents the novel coronavirus. Hat is a homophony of coronavirus. Removing the hat means getting rid of the novel coronavirus. Health workers are striving to sweep away the epidemic and enable people to enjoy a happy year of the Rat!


Name: Doomed Victory

Maker: Smart Lady Chen Yumei (Fengtai District)

Form: Paper-cut

Description: The black core represents the novel coronavirus, surrounded by eight powerful fists: when difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere, demonstrating the resolution to win the battle against the epidemic! Wuhan is bound to secure a victory! China is bound to secure a victory!


Inscription: Go for it! Power

Name: Power

Maker: Smart Lady Chen Yumei (Fengtai District)

Form: Paper-cut

Description: The Party flag represents our Party and government. We must adhere to the leadership of the Party and government amid the wreak havoc of the epidemic. We must neither believe in nor spread any rumor. We must fight the epidemic with concerted efforts. Four medics in protective suit holding their hands together represent the power of unity and the confidence to win the battle against the epidemic! We pay tribute to the heroes at the frontline! Go for it, Wuhan!! Go for it, China!!!


Name: Fight the Epidemic from Me

Maker: Smart Lady Fu Xiuqing (Chaoyang District)

Form: Paper-cut

Description: During the epidemic prevention and control, everyone should wear a mask, drink more water, eat cooked food, go out less, and ventilate often in daily life. Plum is added in this handicraft. Plus represents the indomitable spirit of the Chinese nation and the heroes fearless of death at the frontline. Plum also symbolizes happiness. When we win the battle against the epidemic, we will embrace a better future.


Name: Unity is Strength, Go for it, Wuhan!

Maker: Smart Lady Meng Lizhou (Haidian District)

Form: Clay

Description: The novel coronavirus has put many people under the weather. This handicraft is to pay a tribute to medics at the frontline. We will win the battle against the epidemic with concerted efforts!


Name: Fight the Epidemic Together in the Year of the Rat

Maker: Smart Lady Wang Fengrong in Yinongyuan Smart Ladies Studio (Mentougou District)

Form: Zip-top Can

Description: Epidemic-themed handicrafts made of discarded zip-top cans in diverse shapes represent the wish of smart ladies to isolate only the epidemic, not the empathy of people. We must work together to fight it.


Inscription: Go for it, Wuhan

Name: Go for it, Wuhan

Maker: Smart Lady Lin Fengmei (Shunyi District), Head of Beijing Paoyixuan Culture and Art Industry Co., Ltd.

Form: Clay Figurine

Description: A doctor is fighting the epidemic with a needle, demonstrating the reckless sacrifice spirit of medics at the frontline. Go for it, medics! Go for it, Wuhan! Go for it, China! 


Inscription: Go for it, Wuhan, We Are BesideYou

Name: Go for it, Wuhan

Maker: Smart Lady Lin Fengmei (Shunyi District), Head of Beijing Paoyixuan Culture and Art Industry Co., Ltd.

Form: Wire Inlay Pastel Drawing

Description: The sudden outbreak of the epidemic broke the joyful Spring Festival. Epidemic changes are tugging at the heartstrings of all the Chinese people. The tougher the situation is, the greater the unity and cohesion of the Chinese nation would be reflected. It is high time to fight it with concerted efforts. Everyone has a duty. We believe that we can win this battle. Therefore, as an intangible cultural heritage inheritor, I hope to express our determination and desire to fight the epidemic together through this handicraft.


Name: The Most Beautiful Medics

Maker: Smart Lady Jin Zhirong (Tongzhou District)

Form: Silk Figure

Description: Our medics have devoted themselves into the frontline to rescue countless patients since the outbreak of the epidemic. Their presence brings the hope of life. We hope that while caring for patients, the medics can take good care of themselves and return safely when the epidemic comes to an end. The two silk figures represent two beautiful medics not in protective suit.


Name: Great Love

Maker: Smart Lady Zhao Wei (Haidian District)

Form: Painted Egg

Description: Great love. This handicraft is for the medics who rescue the patients at the frontline regardless of their safety.


Name: Wear a Mask When Going out; Wash Your Hands Frequently Back Home; Ventilate Often Indoor; Hold on, Victory Will Belong to Us

Maker: Smart Lady Zhao Wei (Xicheng District)

Form: Hand-painted New Year Moppet

Description: The innovated traditional hand-painted New Year moppet publicizes prevention and control tips intuitively and understandably: wear a mask when going out; wash your hands frequently back home; ventilate often indoor; hold on, victory will belong to us.


Name: God of Fire Zhu Rong

Maker: Smart Lady Yang Fan (Tongzhou District)

Form: Dough Figurine

Description: Hubei belongs to ancient Chu. In ancient Chu culture, the people of Hubei consider themselves the descendants of the God of Fire Zhu Rong. The God of Fire represents justice and righteousness. This handicraft is to congratulate the completion of Huoshenshan Hospital. Besides, after the epidemic swept all over the country, the medics have rushed to the frontline. They are the embodiment of the God of Fire.


Inscription: Unity as One

Name: Unity as One, China Will Win

Maker: Smart Lady Liu Ping (Changping District)

Form: Paper-cut

Description: Countless medics offered to fright at the frontline. Provinces and cities aided Wuhan by water, land, and air (such as aircraft rescue vehicles in the handicraft). Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, we have formed a new anti-epidemic Great Wall (doctors lining up to form the Great Wall in the handicraft). The Five-Starred Red Flag represents our national spirit of unity and fearlessness: China will win! The peace dove represents the care and donations from other countries. All the supportive conditions are encouraging China to overcome the epidemic! (The yellow background represents the prosperity of Chinese people)


Name: Overwatch

Maker: Smart Lady Cheng Zhan (Changping District)

Form: Stereoscopic Comics

Description: This handicraft enables people to understand the novel coronavirus and strengthen self-protection correctly and scientifically. The epidemic is not terrible. We will pull through by obey orders, following commands, and responding to the calls. We should pay tribute to those keep overwatch.


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