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Education Assistance Program for Disadvantaged Children in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Launched

Date:2024-2-2 14:12:54    Views:

Beijing Women and Children Development Foundation (BWCDF) and Beijing Kuaishou Public Welfare Foundation jointly launched an education assistance program, under Spring Bud Project Dream of Future Action, for disadvantaged children in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region at a ceremony.

Beijing Women and Children Development Foundation and Beijing Kuaishou Public Welfare Foundation launch a program for disadvantaged children in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region at a ceremony.


Li Zhaoling, Honorary President of the BWCDF, Zhao Hongwei, Member of the Leading Party Members' Group and Vice-President of the BWF, and Liang Lihui, Member of the Leading Party Members' Group and Vice-President of Hebei Women's Federation (HWF), attended the ceremony.

The program will be jointly implemented by BWF, HWF and Tianjin Women's Federation (TWF) in collaboration with the women and children development foundations in the three regions. It will provide disadvantaged girls with financial aids, support primary and middle schools to build computer-equipped classrooms and organize training and services about health, digital and science education. The purpose of the program is to help schooling girls better feel the warm and caring of society and to improve girls' sci-tech literacy, innovative awareness and enhance their comprehensive competence. The program will carry forward the spirit of the Spring Bud Project and the spirit of sciences, and push for the innovation-driven development of the Spring Bud Project in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in the new era. The program aims at bringing tangible benefits to about 100,000 girls as well as their families.

In her speech at the ceremony, Li said that BWCDF firmly follows key instructions of the CPC Central Committee, pays great attention to the physical and mental health of women and children, helps improve the environment of women and children’s development, and has made its contribution to the development of the cause concerning women and children in Beijing. On behalf of the BWCDF, Li received a donation from Beijing Kuaishou Public Welfare Foundation and presented a certificate of donation to the foundation during the ceremony.

Yan Mei, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and President of Changping Women's Federation, said that the district-level women's federation will make full use of social resources available to promote the high-quality development of women's and children's affairs.

Representatives of Kuaishou, a major Chinese short-video app, said that the corporation has proactively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility, engaged in charitable affairs and given full play to its strengths in reaching netizens. The companys public-welfare foundation will further deepen its cooperation with BWCDF on the utilization of the digital technology for the development of universal charity.

At the ceremony, BWCDF signed agreements on its cooperation with the women and children’s development foundations of Tianjin and Hebei respectively.

Attending officials presented vacuum cups and stationery to 30 schooling girls, who said that they will study harder, strive to be useful persons for society, and pass on the love and caring to more people.

A teacher talked with attending girls and their parents about the cultivation of schooling girls' sci-tech literacy in a special lecture during the ceremony.

Prior to the ceremony, relevant officials paid a visit to the families of three disadvantaged children in Changping, conducted investigations over post-disaster reconstruction and the availability of caring services for children in the winter holiday, brought to them daily necessities, and called on the girls to work hard in school and rise up to challenges and difficulties.

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