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New Media Center of Women's Federation Established in Beijing

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Officials on stage at the launch ceremony


The Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) established its new media center on June 28 to realize an intensified mechanism with high-level operation for the city's new women's media work. The Beijing New Media Group (BNMG) co-founded the center.
Jin Peng, general manager of BNMG, attended the center's launch ceremony and indicated that after the official operation of the new media center, the BWF will make full use of Internet-based communication methods to publicize the principles and policies of the Party and the government, passing on women-related work and knowledge, and sharing women's stories through diversified platforms, to allow more Internet users to understand and respect women.
Cai Shumin, Party group secretary and president of the BWF, put forward three hopes for the establishment of the new media center.
She said the center must play its role of leading local women to firmly adhere to the leadership of the Party. The center needs to integrate resources to play a concerted role, which is in close connection with BWF's various functions, co-ordinate the resources of its departments and district-level women's federations and release information in a timely manner, according to Cai.
Also, it is necessary to upgrade the new media literacy and internet-oriented thinking of women's federations' cadres, and to gradually form it as a training base and practice center for new media talents from women's federations at all levels across the city," said Cai.
Qi Shujuan, deputy director-general of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF)'s Publicity Department, gave her congratulations on the establishment of the center on behalf of the ACWF and stated at the event that the BWF's new media system has long insisted on the combination of the characteristics of the capital, the women's federation, and new media, so that the updating of the women's federation can be carried out efficiently to strengthen women's power.
She also expressed her expectations for the BWF to further innovate in new media work.
She said BWF should work hard to carefully plan and build its brands. It is necessary to actively participate in the overall brand management of the ACWF, and also to create its new media brand with capital characteristics, which can be a model in terms of new media work of women’s federations in all provinces and cities.
She added that BWF must improve its ability to integrate resources and establish its platform for mainstream new media to publicize the work of women's federations.
Meanwhile, the federation must keep pace with the times and constantly make innovations. The establishment of a new media center is the first move of women's federations across the country. The BWF should always maintain progressive thinking and realize the development of the new media work," Qi said.
Further guests invited to the salon at the launch ceremony included Qu Bing, president of Beijing Time Co., Li Jiajia, a host from Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, and Gao Yuan, the squadron leader of the fifth detachment of the Internet Security Bureau of the Beijing Public Security Bureau.
They held a discussion on the advantages of the channels of BWF's new media center and how to help more women with their own successful experiences in the field.

Guests at the event

People visit the operation center

(Source: Women of China)


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