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Beijing Women's Federation Partners with IBM in Promoting Women's Development and Social Innovation

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An IBM official (front) speaks at the ceremony
Organizers in Beijing held a work report conference on April 28 at the China National Conference Center for the implementation of IBM's month-long volunteer program in the city to promote women's development and social innovation.

Established in 2008, the IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program aims to provide emerging nations and regions with volunteer counseling services to help solve various economic, social, educational and environmental problems that hinder their development.

During the conference, attendees recalled and summarized the in-depth cooperation between five beneficiary organizations and the IBM CSC volunteer team, which consists of 14 visiting IBM staff members from nine foreign countries.

Over the past month they started design brainstorming, made thorough communication with local organizations and offered much practical advice according to their different needs.

Five project teams presented work results centering on targets such as exploring a new charity development model that integrates the internet, promoting the professionalization of social services and the international development of Chinese social groups.

The five projects included Resource Information Platform for Women and Children's Social Service, Management System Building for Overseas Volunteer Service, Sustainable Development Model of Professional Social Workers Serving Families, Management and Empowerment for Women's Entrepreneurship Organizations and Platform Building for Children's Participation in Environment Protection.

Zhao Lijun, vice-president of Beijing Women's Federation (BWF), pointed out that charity organizations have already become an important force for national construction but they are in urgent need of an injection of successful experiences to achieve further development.

"Through its CSC program IBM provided BWF with advanced concepts, practical experience and professional skills, not only improving the working ability of women and children's public welfare organizations in the city but exploring a new social innovation model that combines enterprise with society, professional technologies with women's services, and international experience with local practice," said Zhao.

So far IBM has assigned over 3000 participants to 37 countries around the world under the program, benefiting over 41 million people through consulting on over 1000 projects.

Its cooperation with the BWF let its program walk into the city for the first time, and the five benefiting organizations were all representative public welfare organizations in the fields of poverty relief and women and children's work.

As an important platform for promoting the development of social groups concerning women and children's services, the BWF hopes to draw experience from IBM in international development and make use of its talent and technological advantages to provide local social groups with new ideas and methods for their project's financing, implementation and management.

The BWF will build continuous cooperation with IBM. Meanwhile, it will give full play of technical advantages of local volunteers and help women's federations and other social groups carry out capacity building activities in the form of workshops, according to a spokesperson.

Other attendees included Wang Xingzui, deputy executive-director of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation; Zhou Yi, vice-president and chief marketing officer of IBM (China); members of the IBM CSC Beijing volunteer team; and representatives from beneficiary organizations and social groups.

Attendees at the ceremony

(Source: Women of China)


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