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BWF Kicks off Themed Event for Women's Collaborative Development

Date:2022-6-28 14:06:09    Views:

The first Women's Collaboration and Innovation Salon was hosted by Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) and undertaken by the Beijing Women Scientists Association (BWSA) with the support of the Science Communication Center of the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology on June 23.

The themed event was designed to promote the comprehensive development of outstanding women, fully tap the human resources of BWF’s group members, women's committees of democratic parties and groups, and women's organizations, and facilitate mutual empowerment and assistance as well as common development among women. It was also intended to meet the diverse demands of women in their academic studies, work and life, build a platform for them to expand their personal knowledge, rally wisdom and help solve problems, and unleash the potential of women in mutual support and innovation.


Tan Hong, Vice-President of the BWF, addresses the Women's Collaboration and Innovation Salon.


In her speech at the opening ceremony of the event, given via video link, Tan Hong, Vice-President of the BWF, said that the event would be leveraged to stimulate the positive energy of women and help women acquire new knowledge and realize personal development.


Li Jing, executive vice-chairperson of the BWSA, presides over the live-stream event.


Under the theme “protecting eyes in scientific matters,” the organizer invited Zhu Jing, an ophthalmologist and member of the BWSA, to speak with women scientific workers and parents about how to better cope with the high exposure to phone devices and computer screens and prevent the occurrence of short-sightedness, also known as myopia, especially while they and their children perform work and academic studies from home in the COVID-19 period. Statistics show that the 90-minute live-stream event was followed by 793,000 people via popular short-video social platforms, receiving nearly 10,000 likes from them.


Zhu Jing, an ophthalmologist and member of the BWSA, responds to the questions of online followers during the themed event.


In the future, the themed event will strengthen interaction and collaboration and focus on the topics of artificial intelligence, aerospace and health maintenance in response to demands of women.

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