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Women's Federations in Beijing Hold Cultural Activities to Mark Qixi Festival

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The women's federations at all levels in Beijing have launched various cultural activities around Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, which fell on August 4 this year. The federations intended to guide young people to foster correct values on love, marriage and family and create civilized and healthy family culture and environment.

Qixi Festival is the annual date for a mythical Chinese couple, Cowherd (Niulang) and Weaver Girl (Zhinyu), separated by the Milky Way, to reunite on a magpies-formed bridge. It has become one of the most romantic festivals in traditional Chinese culture.

Xicheng District

Together with the Xicheng Women and Children's Development Center and the Xicheng office for strengthening mutual support between civilian sectors and the military, Xicheng Women's Federation hosted a matchmaking gathering for young single people from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), government departments, public institutions and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The live-streamed matchmaking event drew the attendance of over 100 young people.

Young people attend a speed-dating event held by Xicheng Women's Federation to celebrate the Qixi Festival.


Haidian District

Haidian Women's Federation and Haidian Bureau of Veterans Affairs co-hosted a matchmaking gathering to celebrate the Qixi Festival. The event brought together nearly 50 young people, who learned more about each other through games, exchanges and talent shows. At last, eight couples expressed willingness to continue to date their ideal partners. 

A matchmaking event is organized by Haidian Women's Federation and the Haidian Bureau of Veterans Affairs to celebrate the Qixi Festival.


Fengtai District

Together with the Administrative Committee of Beijing Lize Financial Business District (FBD) and Pingan Fortune Center, Fengtai Women's Federation organized a matchmaking event for single people living and working in the FBD. Several activities and games were held to allow attendees to showcase personal talent, build friendship and help associations for young people attract more members. 

Participants attend a matchmaking event held by Fengtai Women's Federation and the Administrative Committee of Beijing Lize Financial Business District


Shijingshan District

Shijingshan Women's Federation recently held an event to promote family-oriented ethical progress in four sub-district offices in celebration of the Qixi Festival. The event drew the attendance of 60 families with 120 people. They attended lectures on the origin of the Qixi Festival and family traditions and interesting parent-child interaction activities. 

Residents attend a family-oriented activity held by Shijingshan Women's Federation.


Shunyi District

A gathering was co-hosted by the Publicity Department of Shunyi District Committee of the Communist Party of China, Shunyi Women's Federation, the Shunyi District Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and Shunyi Media Center to celebrate Qixi Festival. A dance program, entitled "the Relay of Love," marked the beginning of the theme gathering. A stage play reviewed the history and development of traditional Chinese wedding customs. Later, three families shared their convictions about love. At a parallel site of the gathering, organizers invited local families to create traditional Chinese handicrafts and making new friends.

A gathering is held in Shunyi District in celebration of Qixi Festival.


Changping District

Changping Women's Federation recently invited 12 families to attend a Qixi-themed gathering in a park. During the gathering, parents spoke about their love stories and children expressed their love for their parents. Attendees were also invited to participate in a parent-child frisbee game and create their own paintings themed with Qixi Festival on the cover of frisbees. 

A group of families attend a Qixi-themed gathering organized by Changping Women’s Federation.


Daxing District

Daxing Women's Federation recently invited four experts to speak on the positive values of love before 70 young people in celebration of Qixi Festival. The experts talked about how to foster positive values of love in terms of intra-family relations, the foundation of a family, and the building of happy families. They responded to participants’ questions and difficulties about love and marriage in a move to help them manage personal lives.

Daxing Women's Federation sponsors a lecture on the positive values of love to mark Qixi Festival.


Pinggu District

Pinggu Women's Federation organized 15 role model families to attend an activity in celebration of the Qixi Festival. The participants refreshed their knowledge of the Qixi festival and shared their personal understanding of the essence of love. 

Pinggu Women's Federation organizes a celebration of Qixi Festival.


Huairou District

Huairou Women's Federation and the Women's Activity Center of Huairou Cheongsam Association held a matchmaking activity at the township of Yangsong. The gathering brought together nearly 60 young single people, who displayed their talent and took part in interactive games designed to help them learn about each other. About eight pairs of attendees expressed the willingness to date with their ideal partners.

A matchmaking event is held by Huairou Women's Federation and the Women's Home of Huairou Cheongsam Association to mark the Qixi Festival.


Miyun District

Miyun Women's Federation recently held a gathering in the district’s library to celebrate the arrival of Qixi Festival and promote family-oriented ethical progress. The gathering was designed to help families learn folk culture and fine family traditions, with a view to create civilized and healthy family environment.

A group photo of attendees at a gathering held by Miyun Women's Federation to mark the Qixi Festival and promote family-oriented ethical progress

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