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Forum Highlights Women's Strength in Commercializing Sci-tech Achievements

Date:2022-8-12 14:28:04    Views:

A forum on womens role in the commercialization of sci-tech achievements is co-hosted by Beijing Women's Federation and the Capital Women Professors Association.


Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) and the Capital Women Professors Association (CWPA) held a forum on the womens role in the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements of colleges via video link on August 9. The virtual forum drew the attendance of members of the boards of directors and supervisors of the CWPA, representatives of members of CWPA branches, and professors from north Chinas Hebei Province and Tianjin Municipality.

In her speech at the forum, Chen Yanping, Vice-President of the BWF, said that the world today is living through accelerating changes unseen in a century and that the competition for sci-tech superiority has become more intense in the world. She said sci-tech innovation has grown into a main battlefield in the formulation of a country's international strategies. Only by aligning sci-tech findings with national development and the needs of the people and the market, and bridging scientific research with experimental development and application will they bring into innovative values and facilitate the innovation-driven development.

Chen said women professors from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have proactively taken part in cross-disciplinary exchanges and collaboration and promoted the commercialization of sci-tech results on the basis of the coordinated development in innovation in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. She called on professors to strive for higher achievements in sci-tech innovation, make breakthroughs in core technological research that hinder the country's development, strengthen the collaboration with research institutes and enterprises, deepen the integration of innovation chain with industrial chains, incorporate key project building with research and development, and provide scientific support to high-quality economic and social development.

He Haiyan, chairperson of the CWPA, said that the association will help women professors from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei better unleash their sci-tech potentials. They will be able to advance the high-quality development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, strengthen their exchanges and cooperation, explore new modes for the commercialization of sci-tech achievements, promote well-organized innovation, deepen inter-disciplinary integration among universities in the region, and foster an innovative environment conducive to the application of research outcomes.

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