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Women's Federations in Beijing Hold Activities to Promote Children’s Development During Summer Holiday

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Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) has rolled out a series of services for children during this summer holiday to implement the spirit of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the China National Children's Center (CNCC) on its 40th founding anniversary. The activities were also meant to set the stage for the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and act on the decisions of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF).

Women's federations, at all levels, in the capital city have organized activities to help children enjoy their summer holiday, and to fulfill their mission of becoming a guide for children's growth, a guardian for children's rights and interests and a builder of children’s future.

Strengthening Ideological Guidance

BWF has collaborated with the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing municipal working committee for the well-being of youth to carry out a themed family education campaign, entitled "Dream, Together for a Shared Future," and collect stories on childbearing among families, in a drive to better implement the spirit of President Xi's congratulatory letter to the CNCC. The federation has also worked with off-campus educational institutions and patriotic education bases to organize an activity which is designed to convey the gratitude to the Party and greet the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress.

Shunyi Women's Federation has organized local children to recite classical revolutionary stories to promote family-oriented ideological and ethical building and pass on revolutionary traditions.


Huairou Women's Federation has launched a live-stream publicity campaign to spread and popularize family education and scientific childbearing knowledge, viewed by over 14,000 people.


The federation also organized activities such as film watching, parent-child reading and talent show to guide children to love the country.

Dongcheng Women's Federation has incorporated the building of community-based parents’ schools into the bidding for a national demonstration district. The women's federations at all levels in the downtown district have organized family education experts, volunteers and social organizations to carry out activities for children and their parents about revolutionary tradition education, traditional Chinese culture, safety education, mental health and scientific experiments.


Haidian Women's Federation has leveraged the district’s educational resources and held an activity on promoting green, low-carbon lifestyle in Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Center. The organizers invited veteran artists, model families and sci-tech workers to share their understanding of the importance of leading a green life, the expectation of a green technology-driven future, and the development of family, family education and family traditions. The federation hopes the activity will encourage families to play a bigger role in ecological conservation and apply technologies that can help them live a green life.


Pinggu Women's Federation has guided women's federations in the utilization of public service centers available to conduct various services for children during the summer holiday. For instance, the women's federation in Xiagezhuang Township has held a series activities in the town’s Party and public service center and has taken into account the features of physical and mental growth and actual needs of adolescents when it provides services.


The federation has cooperated other government departments and has mobilized executive members of women’s federations, teachers, college students and retired cadres to provide services to children.

At the invitation of Yanqing Women's Federation, five retired cadres and consultants of Yanqing district’s calligraphy and painting society for elderly people acted as judges in a calligraphy and painting exhibition among the youth on the theme “my letter to the motherland.”


Fengtai Women's Federation has collaborated with Fengtai Academy of Education Science to give children professional guidance on mental health, etiquette, academic learning and has organized parent-child reading in an online class in a move to further enrich children’s life during the summer holiday.


Promoting Laws, Guiding Family Education

At the invitation of Xicheng Women's Federation, Luo Shuang, an associate professor with the School of Education of Capital Normal University, held a live-stream lecture on the family education promotion law, and responded to the questions of parents. The virtual lecture drew the attendance of over 100,000 people.


On the occasion of the Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, Shijingshan Women's Federation held a gathering to explain the law on family education promotion and urge the public to spend more time with their children and foster fine family traditions.


The BWF has attached great importance to the mental health of children, especially amid the COVID-19 epidemic. It invited family education experts to open live-stream classes and produced short videos, which feature the guidance on childbearing and the fulfillment of parental obligations. In addition, the federation has expanded the channels of its targeted services in a drive to help parents and children better acquire skills and methods in the prevention and control of mental illness.

To safeguard the mental health of children and help strengthen parent-child relations, Mentougou Women's Federation has created a “classroom for parents” in the midst of its efforts to strengthen and improve the ideological and moral education for youth.


Tongzhou Women's Federation has collaborated with social forces in organizing a series of children’s mental healthcare activities, aiming to improve the efficiency of communication between parents and children, and promote the building of harmonious families and the healthy growth of adolescents.


Daxing Women's Federation has guided grassroots women's federations in the utilization of community-level parents’ schools to hold activities on parent-child relations, family education and family traditions. It hoped the activities will help create a social atmosphere that highlights family education.


Safeguarding Children’s Safety

Women’s federations in Beijing have strengthened education on traffic safety and guided parents to effectively protect their children from danger during the summer vacation.

Changping Women’s Federation has held various activities, including online knowledge test, games and classes and video collection, to promote knowledge on safety among children.


Miyun Women's Federation has worked with the district’s branch of the Red Cross Society of China, procuratorate, traffic police and a rescue center to promote laws, safety education, first aid tips and the education against sexual abuse in residential communities, benefiting over 1,200 families in 20 township-level areas and building a defense line for children's safety.


Fangshan Women's Federation has guided grassroots women's federations to educate parents and children on how to prevent drowning, sexual abuse and traffic accidents around them in the summer holiday.


Meeting Diversified Demands of Children, Extending Assistance

BWF has instructed women's federations to earnestly implement the Spring Bud Project in Beijing in 2022 and leverage the strengths of Beijing Women and Children Development Foundation in the mobilization of charitable forces in all social sectors to wholeheartedly promote the comprehensive and healthy growth of children.


Chaoyang Women's Federation and Beijing Women and Children Development Foundation held a charitable summer camp for children aged 9 to 15 from impoverished families and families recently settling down in the city, hoping to expand their horizon and get inspired for sports and arts. 

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