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Roundtable Meeting Highlights Women's Empowerment in Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Date:2022-8-30 15:24:12    Views:

A roundtable meeting on empowering female innovation and entrepreneurship is held on the sidelines of the HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneur Summit in Beijing. 


A roundtable meeting on empowering women in innovation and entrepreneurship was held on the sidelines of the HICOOL 2022 Global Entrepreneur Summit in Beijing on August 27. It is the first time that the HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit has added the topic of women's development to its agenda.

The meeting was organized by the Beijing Women's Association for International Exchange, the Beijing Association for Women Scientists and Technologists and the Capital Association of Women Professors.

The meeting was designed to implement guidelines to promote women's participation in scientific and technological innovation, and to empower women in career development and help them play a bigger role in innovation-driven development and boosting Chinas strength in science and technology.


Guests give their speeches at the roundtable meeting. 


Tan Hong, Vice-President of the BWF, Yu Haijiao, Deputy Director-General of Beijing Bureau of Talent Work, and Zhang Jinling, Deputy Party Secretary of the Shunyi district committee of the Communist Party of China, addressed the round table.

Kuang Tingyun, a researcher with the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), gave a speech via video link. The 88-year-old CAS academician has made outstanding contributions to Chinas photosynthesis research. She called on the society to appreciate and support the achievements made by women, and she hoped that women can lead a fulfilled life and make unique contributions to boosting the countrys strength in high-level science and technology.


Attendees share ideas during the roundtable meeting.


Representatives from UN Women, research institutes, universities and social organizations held talks with outstanding businesswomen and young entrepreneurs about women's innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era and shared thoughts about sustainable development.

To encourage women to play a bigger role in innovation and entrepreneurship, the organizers made a proposal on empowering women in innovation and entrepreneurship in collaboration with the CAS Science and Technology Innovation and Development Center, Shunyi Women's Federation, Beijing (Zhongguancun) Business Park for Overseas Returnees, Beijing Overseas Talents Association and Beijing Industrial Design Association at the roundtable gathering. In the proposal, women are encouraged to demonstrate their talent in innovation and entrepreneurship, and social organizations and all other relevant institutions are urged to cooperate and provide conditions and support to women.


A proposal is released at the roundtable meeting. 


All organizers and sponsors of the event pledged to strengthen their cooperation in building a broader platform and creating a better environment for women in innovation and entrepreneurship

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