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BWF Holds Activity to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, Promote Fine Family Values

Date:2022-9-10 14:35:21    Views:

Upon the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 10 this year, a three-day activity was launched on September 9 to extend festive greetings to frontline health workers, community workers, couriers and ride-hailing drivers. The event was sponsored by Beijing Women's Federation and organized by the Beijing Women and Children Service Center at the Beijing Olympic Tower.

During the gathering, participants shared their stories about family values and family education. They explained the essence of fine traditional Chinese family culture, promoted the positive energy of family progress, and rallied public support for sound social traditions.

Among them are couples, who have volunteered to join the COVID-19 prevention and treatment work at the front line and grassroots level, and raced against each other in the delivery of postal parcels with high-quality services. Some ride-hailing drivers have used their deeds to bring positive impacts to people over the past two decades. Some families have taken part in volunteer services for nearly 4,000 hours and helped over 300 people. There are also March 8th Red-banner pacesetters at different levels, spouses of military personnel, and delivery women.

These role models have firmly stayed at their posts in the midst of the epidemic response and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, demonstrating the positive image of families in the new era with concrete actions.


Families take part in various activities during the gathering.


When visiting the Beijing Olympic Tower, participating families joined in traditional activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival including guessing lantern riddles and making sachets. They expressed their best wishes to the country. They said that the event provided them with valuable opportunities to relive the traditional festival with their children, and bridge the psychological distance among family members. They added they will promote patriotism and the love for family.  

Beijing Womens Federation will continue with the implementation of important discourses by Chinese President Xi Jinping on family-related affairs, earnestly advance family values, family education and family building in the new era, conduct family education campaigns, ensure the observation of core socialist values among local families, and foster a positive social atmosphere for family values, family education and family building.

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