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“Mulan POWER” Charity Fund for Women’s International Exchange

Date:2020-3-3 11:17:47    Views:

Beijing Women’s Federation actively develops friendly exchanges with women and women’s organizations all over the world. By carrying out various international exchanges, and integrating high-quality resources at home and abroad, Beijing Women’s Federation aims to promote gender equality, realize women’s all-round development, and contribute women’s power to a community of shared future for women in all countries.

Founded in 2018, “Mulan POWER” Charity Fund aims to push forward international exchanges of women in Beijing. It has launched a charity project in Nepal, donating to poverty-stricken Nepalese girls. A satisfactory social effect has been achieved.

In October 2019, the funded Nepalese girls attended a welcoming ceremony to greet the Chinese President Xi Jinping who paid a visit to Nepal


“Mulan POWER” Charity Fund Project Team visited the home of all funded Nepalese girls for investigation.

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