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BWF Convenes Training Session for Grassroots Staff Workers
Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) held a training session to bolster the professional competence of staff workers from women's federations and telephone operators of the hotline 12338 from September 6 to 8.
Kuaishou Celebrates Founding of Women's Federation
Chinese short-video platform Kuaishou convened a meeting in Beijing on September 6 to mark the founding of its women's federation and the opening of its first women's congress.
About 3,000 Women Take Part in Running Event in Beijing
"Run Girls," a running event of the 14th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival, was held in Beijing's Changping district on September 3.
BWF Convenes Meeting to Sum up Work on Education Campaign
Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) on September 4 held a meeting to sum up the progress of the education campaign on the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. It also made arrangements on how to further consolidate the achievements in the education campaign.
BWF Organizes Meeting, Lecture to Promote Party Building Work
Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) on September 4 held a meeting to promote its Party-building work in 2023.
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