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BWF Kicks off Themed Event for Women's Collaborative Development
The first Women's Collaboration and Innovation Salon was hosted by Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) and undertaken by the Beijing Women Scientists Association (BWSA) with the support of the Science Communication Center of the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology on June 23.
BWF Holds Meeting on Party Building in Social Organizations
The Department of Social Work of the Beijing Women's Federation (BWF) convened a meeting on June 17 to promote Party building in social organizations under its jurisdiction. Some 60 people, including heads and Party members of 22 social organizations and staff of the Department of Social Work of the BWF, attended the meeting.
BWF Launches Mass Publicity, Education Campaign to Greet CPC National Congress
BWF Launches Mass Publicity, Education Campaign to Greet CPC National Congress
Children Encouraged to Explore Neighborhood Gardens, Build an Ideal Community
Beijing Women's International Center (BWIC), under the guidance of Beijing Women's Federation (BWF), has worked together with the Zhongguancun sub-district office of Haidian District to organize a series of theme activities that will create opportunities for children to take part in community-level governance.
Executive Members of Grassroots Women's Federations in Beijing Fight COVID-19 on the Front Line (Three)
Executive members of women's federations at the grassroots level in all districts of Beijing have stayed at their posts on the front line of the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak and offered personal strength as well as passion to help the capital city cut off transmission of the contagious virus.
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