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Beijing Hosts Women-focused Entrepreneurship Salon
A women's entrepreneurship salon on the theme of "To Us of Infinite Possibilities", took place at Beijing's Tianqiao Performing Arts Center on September 22.
Runners Come out in Force for Beijing Women's Half Marathon
More than 4,000 runners took part in the annual Women's Half Marathon at Beijing Garden Expo Park on September 23.
Women Speech-makers Contend for Top Title in Beijing
Organizers including the local women's federation held the final round of a public speaking competition and awards ceremony on September 13 in Beijing.
Beijing Women's Federation Marks Teacher's Day
Beijing Women's Federation held an activity on September 10 to mark Teacher's Day, an annual occasion for showing appreciation to those in the profession.
20th Beijing-Taiwan Women's Tech Forum Held in Capital
A women-focused technology forum, led by Beijing Women's Federation, took place on September 9 in Beijing.
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