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Beijing Awards Outstanding Poems Written for Mothers
Beijing Women's Federation held an awards ceremony on May 26, announcing the winners of a competition featuring poems that offer praise to the nation's moms.
Beijing Stages Poetry Reading to Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival
The Beijing Women's Federation staged a special reading activity to mark the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu, in Beijing on May 23.
Beijing Women's Federation Partners with IBM in Promoting Women's Development and Social Innovation
Organizers in Beijing held a work report conference on April 28 at the China National Conference Center for the implementation of IBM's month-long volunteer program in the city to promote women's development and social innovation.
3 Women's Federations in N China Join Efforts to Safeguard Women's Rights
To Women's federations in north China's Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei Province jointly organized an event on March 14 in the capital to promote the safeguarding of women's rights.
Beijing Ladies Get Glamorous Make-over for Women's Day
To coincide with International Women's Day, Beijing Women's Federation hosted an outdoor activity on March 8 to engage passersby and help raise people's spirits through the use of cosmetics.
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